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    hang out.

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    • louise ✿

      the sun felt good on her bare legs. chloe leaned back and gazed at the clear sky, letting her feet dangle over the edge of the fire escape. she put her fingers to her lips and took a long drag of her cigarette. she idly reminded herself that she was trying to quit. whatever. life is short, she thought as she closed her eyes and watched the warm light of the sun dance behind her eyelids.

    • Sunshine☼

      I can feel this! This was how I spent so many summer days in Manhattan...sitting on the fire escape smoking and talking on the phone...miss those days~sigh~

    • Rachel Klein

      I sit and wonder why they're called fire escapes when they are so much more. They are life escapes, in many ways

    • Allison Elsie

      Just one of the many things NY-ers really do fear -- this metal death trap, aka the fire escape.

    • kk

      This photo inspired this story: Tilly was afraid of heights. With her legs dangling in space. An ache in her head like a blunt stone repeatedly struck against bone. She wondered what it would feel like to go limp and slither off. Crunch. Or put her palms against the warm metal and just. Push. But when the tension grew unbearable, she always chickened out. Chose a tall, cold glass of sweet lemon iced tea on a hot day. Chose life. Cold uncertain. Life. --kk

    • Tremendous Pix

      New Pix (Photography & Art 000275) has been published on Tremendous Pix

    • ▪Meg Bamford▪

      #Photography #Photo #Street #City #ColorPhotography #Art

    • Gianna

      We're doing fire escape pictures

    • Deanne Witkow

      Summer Photography

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    Pockets of sadness, which are flickers of honest recognition at felt sorrow, are glimpses where life is real, however painful such moments may be. Despite the aches that these pockets engender they do prosper us, if we’ll courageously stay the tremulous moment. ~ Steve Wickham


    I left and went to the beach.. I saw a cliff.. *looking down and knows what I want to do and doesn't think I'll be stopped*

    Moments and Memories

    Live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it. Eileen Caddy

    LOVE the permeance of sunlight in this shot, but by the same token the room seems to suck it all up and not let go! Notice how the room is still dark? (kind of reminds of Austin in a couple ways) "in the glow of morning light"

    beth kirby