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    • Jennifer Edgecomb

      baked kale chips recipe. so in love with kale right now....these are absolutely delicious

    • Jessica A

      kale chips: one of my favorite snacks in the world. I like them with garlic and cayenne. yum!

    • Julie Gallego

      baked kale chips - before you say yuck try them. Kale is seriously delicious and with a little oil and salty seasoning these are a good healthy snack

    • Rosita Lytal

      baked kale chips - im trying this one because it is baked its everywhere on blogs, tv cooking shows, my sister, and it does have salt, something i crave often but greasy foods like chips french fries(fried or fast food) turn my stomach...lucky me. i think it has to do with feeling better when i eat vegetarian, low gluten little to no refined sugar. my migraines, flare-ups chronic pain improve - great if i associate food cravings w feeling better lose unhealth

    • Lisa Roehler

      This may not look that appetizing, but kale is so delicious!! Try it :)

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