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This type of word wall creating interest and curiosity about letters and words and how they are written. It sparks interest in writing and helps children build the understanding that talk can be written down, and that print carries meaning. The word wall, however, is only one element of a print-rich environment.

Spring Word Wall Vocabulary

Word Wall - Spring Words {84 words}. Includes a personal word wall for students, a file-folder word wall for the writing/word work center and big cards for the classroom wall in color and black and white. Also comes with several different word wall worksheets.

A word wall in preschool is a bit different. This is a very child-oriented, interactive word wall. The words come from children's hearts and their heads. When the words---their words---have meaning to them, it sets the stage for learning. Also notice that this isn't a particularly fancy or "store-bought" word wall! It's a roll of brown kraft paper sectioned off with red masking tape with hand-written manuscript.

Word wall center, children read the word to a partner, then build the word with the magnet letters. This is made with a large oil drip pan from an auto parts store:)

Dinosaur Literacy and Math Activities

Winter Word Wall Words {FREE} - This download includes 35 winter words with pictures. Place the cards on your word wall or in a pocket chart to encourage winter writing! You can also use this as a matching game by cutting the cards apart. The children will match the pictures to the words.

Word Wall - Using magnets to make the word wall accessible to the students. Great for Writer's Workshop and other writing activities!