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Dolly Madison - They weren't available where we lived, but I remember them advertised on every Charlie Brown tv special!

LOL, these were my favorite toys to play with when I was little! I would create homes for them with the Fisher Price house and furniture along with those blocks that came in a blue square, orange cylinders, yellow have moon rectangles and red retangle blocks! I would love to have them today!!!

I can still remember eating this! Oh, and what about that taste explosion when you rub your fork against the tray :)

6/22/14 11:08p ''Banquet'' TV Dinners Turkey Giblet Gravy Mashed Potatoes Dressing Spring Buttered Peas Price: 2 for .89 Cents?

Small Wonder -- TV Show from '80s. I knew this sitcom about a regular family with a secret robot daughter, wasn't merely a figment of my overactive, pre-adolescent imagination!

Salisbury Steak TV Dinner- oh gosh I used to eat these one and loved them. Yikes, what does that say about moms cooking!

1970s SNOOPY (Peanuts) Dolly Madison blow-up pillow premium | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

VHS.. who would have thought?? We thought it was wonderful at the time....hehe

TV sets - Black and white with no remotes. You were tickled to get more than one channel that you didn't mind getting up to change it. Of course the parents always had the kids do the changing of the channel. LOL

September 21, 1968. Dan Rowan and Dick Martin of NBC's "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In."

1972 Libbyland Sea Diver's Dinner Box. These were the best!!