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Keep Your Garbage Disposal Running Fresh and Clean . . . Naturally!

by Jillee
Sometimes I worry (who am I kidding? I worry all the time about SOMETHING!) that the majority of posts I do on this website are too “down and dirty”….”nitty gritty”….very UNglamorous….to say the least! I mean really….cleaning dirty ovens and toilets aren’t the most charming of subjects! So today I t...
  • Catherine Airey

    Cleaning Garbage Disposal. Lemons, vinegar, ice cube tray.

  • Taryn Lau

    Clean garbage disposal with: Lemons, vinegar, and an ice cube tray or two. Slice your lemons and put a piece in each ice cube mold, fill each with vinegar. Do not dilute it. Place in plastic bag in freezer. Every other day…or every couple of days…throw a handful in the garbage disposal and run until dissolved.

  • Nicole Nigh

    This article has some of the greatest kitchen cleaning tips i have ever read. Use this lemon/vinegar ice cube trick to keep the disposal clean in the future.

  • Lynzi Cashman

    keep a garbage disposal clean and fresh and reuse citrus rinds. this tutorial uses fresh lemons, but I say just use rinds from oranges, lemons & limes that you use for other things... add rinds or slices to ice cube tray, fill with white vinegar, freeze and then toss the citrus-vinegar cubes in the disposal every couple days to clean it

  • Em K

    Quick, easy and cheap way to keep your garbage disposal clean and fresh (vinegar + lemon ice cubes)! I've done this before, but without the lemons or saving some cubes for later. duh!

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