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For the Ann Coulter quote, go here: And for Glen Beck's quote, go here:

.......well if access to health care is so frickin' dangerous, would he like to give up his access to it so that someone else can have it????????

An anonymous attempt .. so he knew Americans would revolt against him if they found out. Nice try...Vice Chairman of the Senate Republican Conference. Blunt also serves as a member of the Senate Republican Whip Team. PLEASE SHARE so everyone knows.

This is an old lie from the South before the Civil War when they were trying to justify slavery. This old racist gasbag is just parroting crap he probably heard as a kid.

Ernst: A name you can goosestep to. Why don't you just call the poor "useless eaters" and "relocate" them? Or is that all ready in the works? LSDuBois

This is perverted justice and all run by the socialist democrats with there leader barack hussein obama, harry reid polosi hillery and valerie jarrett, the axis of evil. Damn them all

This explains it well. All the symptoms and other info about someone who suffers from Narcissists Personality Disorder. They will lie to make themselves look good, they will claim to see visions for attention, they thrive on other peoples lives instead of focusing on their own. They are obsessed with drama.

Barack Obama's, Joe Biden's, Hillary Clinton's and George Soros's Ideas for the United States and the world are evil. Sharia Law is slavery. Sharia Law is the War Against Women.