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    For the Ann Coulter quote, go here: And for Glen Beck's quote, go here: www.godlikeproduc...

    • Bobb Oswald

      If you read this and then still pay attention to these fools, there is really no hope for you and you should just be put out with the trash.

    • Brad Tucker

      Republican Values... it's always about hate for some group other than the 1% that is somehow ruining this country for conservatives !!!

    • Vinita Hendren

      There's your truth. There's your conservative heroes.

    • Maui Chick

      I thought this was a satire for a minute. WTF??

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    glen beck is a perfect example of self-righteous mormon. Did you know GB is a mormon? Yep.

    THIS MAKES ME SICK. So Ann Coulter asked Bill Maher, "Where are all the racists liberals keep talking about? None exist!" Are you kidding me? Here's Example # 1, Ms. Coulter. And I could find plenty more for you if you would like.

    Rush is Scum

    There is stupid, more stupid, and then there's Ann Coulter!

    Ann Coulter


    What has the Republican Party Done for You?

    More stupidity from the queen of stupid, Ann Coulter!

    Republican's : Love the soldiers... Hate the Veterans

    Whatever you are, be a good one.

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    This doesn't look good for the Republican Party !!!!!

    Glen Beck's Paranoia - Sorry believing that people should be with the ones they love is such a horrible thing.

    Love this quote!

    I love this quote

    Vote Democrat!

    "A good deed brightens a dark world."

    Try again. Fail. Again. Fail Better - Samuel Beckett