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    • Bobb Oswald

      If you read this and then still pay attention to these fools, there is really no hope for you and you should just be put out with the trash.

    • JP

      GOP/Teabag talking heads are a stain on our beautiful country. Hate fueled, ignorant, mean spirited, self-congratulatory, divisive. Vote blue 2014.

    • Maui Chick

      I thought this was a satire for a minute. WTF??

    • Nichole Victoria

      from Stop the World, the Teabaggers Want Off. They are so sweet aren't they?....

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    Education first

    Conservative Christians aren't the only ones with, "Sincerely Held Religious Beliefs". Just like the Bible, Islamic law allows men to beat and rape their wives, `Cause their holy books say it's alright.

    Remembering September 11, 2001 at Ground Zero. God bless America.

    Say what?


    Bicycles Cause Lesbians: The 26 Weirdest Moral Panics Ever |


    There you go

    Please tell me this is a piss-take

    Nailed it

    The astonishing allegations about the prime minister and a dead pig are unlikely to be forgotten quickly. I suspect that might be why we’re hearing about them

    Doritos partnered up with It Gets Better to raise $100K for LGBT victims of bullying. You would think this epidemic of suicide and suffering would stop — or at least impede — Republicans and Christians in their absolute war on the social group that has literally never done a thing to anyone else. But alas, Teabaggers and RWNJ’s are losing their minds over this. They ranting about Christian persecution and oppression, homosexuality being pushed on our kids and boycotting Pepsi/Frito-Lay products.

    lgbt.mynewsportal... - Lgbt

    A coroner has concluded for the first time that a man with severe mental illness killed himself as a direct result of being found “fit to work” by the Government’s outsourced disability assessors.

    What if a Muslim man wanted to exercise Islamic 'Religious Freedom' at his government job like Kim Davis is claiming?


    Addicting Info – Scientists Discover New Human Ancestor, Creationists Lose Last Remaining Brain Cell Freaking Out | Anthropologists in South Africa announced the fascinating discovery of a never-before-seen human ancestor that has turned everything we know about the origins of our own species on its ear. Thought to be millions of years old, the species dubbed Homo naledi was a mixture of modern humans (slender arms and legs) and much more ancient extinct ancestors (like a very small brain cavity