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  • Becky Lowe

    Craft room organization. My dream room!

  • Sharon Betts

    Craft room ideas. I could make part of the laundry room a craft space.

  • Amanda Krische

    great craft room. awesome wrapping paper storage int he middle of the cabinet-pegboard Someday our "art room"

  • Cherise Camp

    storage for wrapping paper- craft room organization

  • Katie Allen

    Craft storage ideas, wish i could have a craft room this big

  • Rhonda Burleson Eckert

    Craft room - cute setup for our future bungalow craft studio in the backyard

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Perfect way to organize writing and art supplies! Even a center half this size would be great. Needs to be easily accessible to students to retrieve needed supplies.

There are actually quite a few elements I love about this room! The ikea drawers seem like they would work great for punches. I love the different styles of jars for ribbon. Like the round rolling cart here in the front.

Arts & Crafts room: huge windows for light, lots of shelving & large table with storage for workspace

I want that light in my living room. Why can't Drew see how cool it would look!?!?

I love the display of those packets of stickers and whatnot. They always give me ideas, until I put them away and can't see them!

Study.- like the additional table in the center... additional work space that you could scrapbook on or could be a study table but is separate from the desk... neat idea... may or may not work for you space but thought it was worth noting :)

Dream organization -the slide out shelves with the papers all organized and not crammed together!!

I'm not a big craft person but, oh how I'd love to have a separate space for all the art, craft, wrapping stuff!