San Francisco/North Beach, CA

San Francisco/North Beach, CA. I knew there was a reason I've always really wanted to go to San Francisco.

Coit Tower, San Francisco

Coit Tower, also known as the Lillian Coit Memorial Tower, is a tower in the Telegraph Hill neighborhood.

So many beautiful churches in San Francisco

California - Looking down Filbert Street in North Beach, San Francisco. Saints Peter and Paul Church towers over the neighborhood

Powell Street, San Francisco

Powell Street, San Francisco

Powell Street, San Francisco, California art by John Norman Stewart.

North Beach, San Francisco

Copper Facade Building in North Beach, San Francisco. The copper facade is what gives it the green patina! Not sure, but I think it is an apartment building.

Sunset Abajo California Street

I love this image of a historic cable car trundling down California Street at sunset in San Francisco. It's touristy but one of the things i love to do when i am there as you see so much of the city i (Favorite Places Dreams)

San Francisco

San Francisco Ferry Building, Bay Bridge in the background / photo by Trip McNeely