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Une Bobine takes the segmented, flexible metal cables of the sort used in industrial light fixtures and adapts it for iPhone charging, allowing the cable itself to serve as a stand.

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Photojojo intros iPhone Lens Dial for fisheye, telephoto and wide-angle shooting

iPhone Cases

A Solar iPhone (4-4S) Battery that's super eco-friendly and can charge your phone just by being exposed to the sun

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12 Gadgets We're Lusting Over Right Now

Stick-N-Find Bluetooth Tracking Stickers: The StickNFind works by placing a small Bluetooth sticker onto a remote, pet's collar, or even your child's backpack. You can then use your iPhone or Android device to locate the item, causing it to vibrate and light up.

The YellowJacket is an iPhone 4S case that also pulls double duty as a 650,000V stun gun!! Simply activating it will generate a loud and visible spark across the two terminals and could serve as a deterrent to the casual assailant. Should they get closer to you, touching them with the tip of the case will incapacitate even a large male, giving you time to run away to safety.

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Continuance batteries rechargeable via USB

USB-rechargeable batteries --- DUDE!!!!!!

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Sector 5 Black Ops Elite, The Ultimate In Tactical iPhone 5 Cases

Sector 5 Black Ops Elite, The Ultimate In Tactical iPhone 5 Cases - Tech & Accessory News - Gadgetmac

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LG unveils flexible plastic e-paper display, aims for European launch next month

LG has announced it has started mass production of its electronic paper display (EPD) product, with a planned launch in Europe next month. Warrior Forum