Bring the prices down so the average Joe can drive one please!

Tesla Model S. All electric car that can be powered by any energy source known to man. Goes 0-60 in under 5 seconds, travels ~300 miles per charge, and check out that touch screen!

Tesla Model X Tesla’s all-electric, AWD SUV seats seven, has a striking industrial design with “falcon-wing” doors, and can zip from 0-to-60 in just 4.2 seconds. Out in 2014.

Tesla Model X. Zero emission electric vehicle. Seats 7. 320-470 Km range (200-270 miles), falcon wings and massive touchscreen for GPS, battery info and more.

Tesla model X


It doesn't get any hotter than this Matte Black Tesla Model S. Enter #eBayGarage 'Electrifying Tesla giveaway' and you'll be the coolest eco-warrior in the world. Click here: #blackedout #spon

Mercedes-Benz F800...Comment by Niiiiicccee

Tesla Model X: Electric, all-wheel drive, and crazy folding doors

Lamborghini Aventador Electric Car. Give your child the latest and greatest Lamborghini on the market, the Lamborghini Aventador 12V ride on car. Officially licensed by Lamborghini, this matte black Lamborghini comes fully equipped with LED headlights, rear taillights, MP3 Jack with sound. Your child will be rolling down the neighborhood turning heads with this car. For ages 3 to 6 and complies with U.S. Toy Safety Standards.

Tesla Model X- all electric

Tesla Model S

Tesla's $35,000 car will be called the Model 3, and will come out in 2017. Theoretically it will have a range of over 200 miles; I am definitely interested. Wonder how many passengers it will take -- you can get up to 7 people in the Tesla S.

Tesla - Model S This WILL be mine someday และพี่บอกเบยว่า ไทยแลนด์ needs this awesome ride !!!! อยากกกกได้จุงเลยยยย

The Tesla Model S Electric Car

And it's electric! Tesla Model X

This Tron-style Kawasaki concept, called the J, is an electric motorcycle where the front "wheel" splits into two. The J eschews handlebars ...

Get behind Tesla Everybody! Please repin & sign the petition Tesla vs. Car Dealers

Tesla may be able to fully charge electric car batteries in 5 minutes soon. READ -