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    It's like a sixth sense... Buffy the Vampire Slayer. ;)

    Me too, Giles. Me too.

    Giles isn't afraid to use the c-word.

    Giles again... :)

    "Gosh, look at those!" Willow at her best :-) Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series

    Oh Giles~

    Giles & Cordelia

    Giles kidding

    I love Giles

    Giles are you breaking up with your car?


    oh latin

    Once again, Spike's expression at the end is perfect. Gets me every time.

    my system? it's called the alphabet.

    Giles and TV

    Poor Giles.

    "I swear, one of these times you're gonna wake up in a coma." Cordelia, BtVS | I actually use this in conversation now.

    Buffy and Giles

    Oh Giles.

    Best freaking show ever..

    one of my most favorite lines ever!