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Tom Hardy

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Tom Hardy. Dilema de poner esta en el board de "Want!" o si en el board de "Yum!"

After seeing him in Lawless and The Dark Knight Rises, I now officially have a hardcore crush on Tom Hardy. Rawr.

Because there is no one who wouldn't want to wake up next to this man, with that face, and that mouth. Tom Hardy, you go ahead and smoke all you want because you make it look damn good.

tom hardy with his tats from warrior... amazing film... amazing body... amazing acting... he's basically the apple of my eye at the moment.

Tom Hardy...currently the actor/man I find most attractive. Way to go, Tom.

tom hardy. In a double breasted suit. Reading a book. I'm not sure i can handle this. Katie Hrubec Asendorf Claudia Park Martinez

Tom Hardy-- sexiest man ever! Great smile, sexy tats, amazing body, awesome actor.. O and that accent OMG!

Tom Hardy - just saw Lawless. What a hard job he had. He had to lay in a bed and let a naked woman undress him and make-out with him. Things actors do for their craft. What a trooper.

Tom Hardy. and I say to you sir... Pink. Katelin Bartley