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    How to Get Kool-Aid Out of White Carpet

    A Kool-Aid spill on carpeting is anything but cool, especially when the carpet is white. Instead of wondering how to tint the rest of the carpet to match the Kool-Aid stain, remove those drink dyes by acting quickly -- the sooner you absorb or dilute the Kool-Aid trapped in the carpet, the greater t...
    • Audra Emery

      Carpet stain remover. It works on old stains, new stains-- basically EVERYTHING!

    • NannyC's

      Carpet Stain remover - works on old stains & new stains-- basically EVERYTHING! - put equal amounts of CLEAR Windex and Water in bowl - mix - soak the stained area with liquid but not enough so soggy wet - heat iron on cotton's highest setting - use a WHITE towel - place towel on stain then the iron on top of it for 10 sec. at a time until all stain is removed.

    • Amanda Thorpe

      Remove stains -- it works on old stains, new stains-- basically everything.

    • Lilian

      How to get colorful stains out of carpet... This actually works! I watched my carpet cleaner do this and it worked!

    • Lori Jones

      How to Get Kool-Aid Out of White Carpet conventional carpet cleaners won't pull up the colorful mess. MAGIC! It works on old stains, new stains-- basically EVERYTHING!

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    Pet stain/pee cleaner Pour enough vinegar to soak the stain & THEN add a small amount of baking soda. If you do the reverse, you will have a noisy, bubbly mess. Do it the right way, and you can hear the recipe cackling away. You need to let the spot dry for a day or two before sweeping up and then vacuuming. We cover the spot with a bowl or plate. You can actually see the yellow color being absorbed up into your little mountain of baking soda. Works on old stains too!

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    sprinkle the inside of the bowl with baking soda then spray with vinegar. let the foam work for a few minutes then scrub with a toilet brush. then spray down the whole toilet with vinegar and wipe clean

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    1-Robin at Thank Your Body shared a wonderful mommy resource on how to Whiten Clothes naturally with homemade bleach. She said, “Chlorine based bleach (oxygen based bleaches don’t fall into this same category) are really bad for you, your family, your pets, and the environment!” Check out her post for the full scoop!

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    Carpet Shampoo Solution: 1 Cup Oxiclean* 1 Cup Febreeze* 1 Cup Distilled White Vinegar *the Homemade Versions Work Fabulously! Pour Contents Into Shampooer Tub And Mix With Hot Water To Fill Tub Completely. This Will Not Only Clean Your Carpets It Will Also Deodorize. It Will Smell Slightly Of Vinegar Until The Carpet Is Dry. Be Sure To Test Spot With The Solution Just To Be Safe, However This Should Be Safe For All Carpets.


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