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  • Allison Woodworth


  • Miranda LeClair

    -sorry for the bit of foul language... but is funny because is soooo true, or at least, it was for a couple of my English classes!

  • Madison Harris

    It makes me wonder. If i wrote a really random book and it somehow ended up being read in an ap English class would the teacher say things like that because seriously i would just be like you are way over thinking this.

  • Shawna S.

    So true! High school English class!

  • Kelsey Klaver

    Totally my high school English teacher. WAY funny! Amazing lady, though!

  • Shelley Timlin

    someone put it into a graph why I refused to read books in English class. FINALLY. so many teachers annihilate books it's not even funny!!!

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True true!!! This is why I hate school systems. You're at school for 8 houra and then you have to do hours of more schoolwork at home!!

This made me laugh a little too much.

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The dog doesn't speak English is collar translates his barks, Wall-E is PROGRAMMED that way!

I'm so guilty of saying this (or other such questions) to my students all the time. Thank goodness no one has ever had this response...

pretty much sums up all my classes from middle school! and now I do not know some of the stuff!!!!! teachers are the best!!!!! not really

I timed how long it took me to do my homework one night without distraction and it literally took 6 hours..

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That's the confusion when you go to public or private school. If you homeschool, your mom IS your teacher.