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Game for pairs to practice counting!

Free: Race to It's played in pairs and each partner chooses a different color crayon to use. Taking turns rolling a die, the kids color in the number of squares on the game board that matches the number that they've rolled. How fast can they get to

Free printable 3D shape worksheet to color (scroll down the page).

Teacher friends - I've seen a lot of shape pins recently but can't remember who was pinning. I liked this free worksheet and thought you might, too.) Peterson's Pad: Shapin' Up

Time to put your '80s memory to the test!

How Many of These 100 '80s Cartoon Characters Can You Name?

By the power of Quiz Skull, you have the power!

Race to Fill the Cup!  Counting Game for Preschoolers

Race to Fill the Cup! Counting Game for Preschoolers

Race to Fill the Cup! Preschoolers roll a dice and count the number of objects to fill the cup. The first to fill the cup wins!

Children are more likely to use a reference and internalize the learning if they created themselves.

I want to do this for my math wall :) Love letting them create the visuals. They are so much more likely to use the anchor chart and to remember what the visuals mean.

Lego math . . . Some ideas to get kids thinking math while building.

Such a great way to help kids visualize math! Note: Unifix cubes are great manipulatives for teaching math in the classroom. Use legos instead for homeschooling, saving space and money by using the toy building blocks they already have.

Math and English

math about me page - great for beginning of the year. I love this for a beginning of the year math activity!