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Hardy Water Lily Pink Beauty

Hardy Water Lily Peach/Salmon Colorado

Hardy Water Lily Pink Hollandia

Hardy Water Lily Changeable Indiana

Hardy Water Lily Perrys Baby Red

Aquatic plants: Orange Hardy water lilies: Comanche - http://sunlandwatergardens.com/swg_products/aquatic-plants-orange-hardy-water-lilies-comanche/

Water lilies

water lilies

Water Lily

Water Lilies

Water Lily


✯ Bright pink Water Lily

Beautiful Pink Lotus Flowers

Calla Lilies ... I love Calla Lilies ... <3 www.24kzone.com

Water Lily: yeap! Just like lotus, it is also one of the edible flowers and used not just for garnishing but also for preparing snacks and meals!

Giant Water Lilies

calla lilies ♥♥

Pink Tulips

Electric Beauties