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    Fashion and Jewellery Design by Gijs Bakker and Emmy van Leersum 1967—1972

    Peter Bauhuis

    Aurora brooch by Kyeok Kim ‘Aurora’ creates patterns of light on the body as ornamentation, extending the ornamented space around the body and restyling its decorative silhouette by motion. ‘Aurora’ highlights the relationship between different pieces of jewellery, by its nature the pieces interact with the another. To operate the decorative light, one must gently move the ring (containing a magnet) towards the main jewellery piece

    Dorota Kos, brooches.

    brooches, plastic, recycled materials, silver, pigment; Dorota Kos jewellery and small sculpture forms

    Dorota Kos Jewellery and small sculpture forms

    Iris Bodemer Neckpiece: Ingredients 2008 Agate, copper, lemon, reconstructed coral, wool

    Manon van Kouswijk Pearl Grey necklace, 2008 / Pearl Grey Revisited necklace, 2015 Glass elements (saucer, hand formed cup handle with attached glass beads), diverse glass and plastic beads, polyester thread, glue. New work designed for Klimt02 Gallery in occasion of the exhibition To Recover, Barcelona, October 2015.

    Annamaria Zanella Brooch: Shoes, 2008 Silver, gold, glass, enamel.

    Invisible Love Ring by SashaPure. Upon opening the box, it is revealed that the sparkling facets are, in fact, only on the surface of the package

    Gijs Bakker

    Francesca Urciuoli, shield bracelet

    Annie Huang | Sense of Belonging 2015 - brooches


    Annie Huang | Sense of Belonging 2015 - metal, silver-plated oxidised small brooch

    Francesca Urciuoli, shield pendant - shibuichi, brass, silver

    Jo Pond: Intimate | Velvet da Vinci

    Kayo Saito. Spiral Brooch

    Zoe Arnold, Man in the moon brooch

    Zoe Arnold, Cloud necklace