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  • Zina Zinchik

    strainer shadow faces made from colanders isaac cordal 41 optical illusion

  • OdelaVaca

    Sculpted faces in cooking strainers. By the street artist from Galicia Isaac Cordal

  • zoe ornelas

    Mighty Optical Illusions and Brain Teasers

  • Nina Lyons

    'cement bleak', a street art intervention by Isaac Cordal. the urban public art installation employs the illumination from street lamps casting shadows upon manipulated metal cooking strainers, propped up by the handle of the piece. three small faces have been modeled on metal sifters and as the light passes through the netted cookware piece, the end point of this luminosity a three-dimensional seeming face on the sidewalk. the piece began as a tes

  • Eko Kooistra

    Cement Bleak by Isaac Cordal #streetart

  • Lydka Jablonska

    Back in 2009, artist Isaac Cordal shaped wire mesh kitchen colanders into faces and installed them on the streets of London, where street lights cast shadows of the faces on to sidewalks. via MetaF...

  • SiouxEQ

    London cooking strainer shape of a human face , 'Cement Bleak' series, Spanish-born artist Isaac Cordal has been producing intricate sculptures using standard mesh cooking strainers. When light hits the mesh strainer it leaves the mysterious shadow of a human face on the sidewalk. Read more: Amazing Portraits on Cooking Strainers Mysteriously Pop Up in London's Streets | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

  • Emily G

    Cooking strainers used to project shadow art. Neat! Isaac Cordal

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