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  • Roslyn New-Horton

    Hard to remember this, but so true. (but really that's a parent's job - grands get to spoil kids)

  • Olivia G.

    Don't handicap your children by making their lives easy. / Robert A. Heinlein - - Raising Kids Quotes

  • Holly Ankerson

    it would be so nice if that was mandatory for have to bust your ass to get there in school by getting good grades or by busting your butt to work to pay for college none of this handed on a silver platter i think the world would be better if the sucessful people were people MY children could look up to not people that were spoon feed and dont know what it is like to struggle

  • elocila

    Yeeeeeesssss! Your kids will never be the "best"...teach them hard work. Teach them failure. You can't save your kids life from problems forever. Let them GROW!

  • Sherry Fox

    While I want my girls to be happy, I want them to know what it's like to work hard for what they have. I will not hand them everything and let them turn out spoiled brats like most kids these days.

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When someone rejects the help they have initially asked for and go into every excuse of why they can't then that's the time to walk away. They don't truly want to be free and in remaining there you are keeping them stuck too.

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its starts from you, so believe what I know... you are amazing! After all I know you best and I see what you may not, so until you see it too, let me give you the words of encouragement you need, the hand to hold, and the shoulder to lean on! I love you both!

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