adorable. msg from the bride to her bridemaids

The shoe game: I think this could be so fun at engagement party, wedding reception OR anniversary! This would be so much fun!!

Note for dad

Have the groom surprise the bride before she walks down the aisle by writing a sweet note on her shoes.

Oh my. The groom gets to open the photo album the morning of the wedding.

UFlat stones for your bridesmaids to stand on during the ceremony. (So their heels don't sink into the ground!) ... plus then they'll be equally spaced! Cute! Maybe with their names and a cute message on them too! :)


This bride wrote notes to each of her bridesmaids on the bottoms of their shoes

Idea for parents' picture - if you can do this, what a great memory!

this size flowers for the girls 3 x

bright shoes wedding ideas BUT I could never let my bridesmaids wear white dresses too, cray cray

bridesmaid dress color

socks in the same color as bridesmaid dresses? presh

All the bridesmaids looks when you walk out in your dress

Bridesmaids: mini wine bottles before the wedding

Bridesmaid dresses

So sweet!

Get Inspired: Something you can do on your wedding day--have your bridesmaids write their well wishes with blue marker under your shoes!

lovely lavender

43 Striking Sequin Bridesmaids’ Dresses | > I like both dresses!