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A letter from the maid of honor to groom - super cute!

A letter from the mother of the bride to the groom. I like the idea of the mother writing a letter to the groom! But I want an actual letter, not a check list. He already knows how to make me happy, or else I wouldn't be marrying him!

The cake is in tiers joke is a classic and a good way to warm up a room. Just check the bride and groom haven’t instead opted for a single tier cake or a dessert buffet rather than a traditional tiered wedding cake, otherwise the joke will be on you!

18 Tried and Tested Jokes for the Best Man’s Speech

And you just thought it was so other people could see your ring while you are driving lol

The wedding ring goes on the left ring finger because thats the only finger that has a vein that connects to heart fact quote

Good for reading at a wedding ceremony or just a great quote to remember.

I don't read Nicholas Sparks because the Romance genre is not my thing, but I have found the truth in this quote. Marriage is hard, but worth every second.

The morning of, he might need a little assurance and a lot of love. Put together a survival kit that includes all the essentials, and attach a heartfelt card (or boudouir photos, wink wink). For extra brownie points, gift each groomsmen a survival kit containing liquor, an engraved flask, cigars, etc.

so cute. socks, mints, ring pops with a little love note for the groom on the day of the wedding as a gift from the bride :)

A toast to the bride and groom...

A toast to the bride and groom.

Great idea for the first rough patch in a marriage.

first fight box: write love letters to eachother, put in a box with a bottle of wine & nail shut. after your first fight, open, pour the wine & read the letters