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    Baby violence. Classic.

    Hilarious Kid Wakes Up From Surgery.....OMG this is hilarious!!! Why can't more patients be like this?

    Hahahaha! So funny!

    Cabbage Patch Kid Model ;-)

    gotta love autocorrect


    oh my, laughing so hard right now.

    I have probably repinned this 10 times, but just incase I'm mistaken-- here it is again. lol

    Babies are so funny

    Haha! All the other kids are laughing... Except that next kid... Lol

    Either that baby couldn't hold it anymore...or that Dad sweats in a weird spot.

    saw this and had to post!!!

    I laughed way too hard haha

    This is so funny, but needs to be put at more businesses...even as a parent I this is a good quote! lol

    Bahahahaha!!! Those little buggers do tend to get up at dawn!!!!