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Double standards at their finest -E SOOOO TRUE LOL Now I'm the B ha lol

You know nothing at all about my life. but two things I find hilarious about your little rant is that one you seem to still think I strip when I recent since right after Josh and I got together bit nice try I'm not ashamed and that's a small brick to through coming from you. and two the fact that you don't think I take care of my children is just comical I spend all day with them when I'm off work !!!! I love them dearly and you ignorant comment about them not being taken care of is…

Let me file that…

When I get just one more thing to do at work on a day when I've got a sht ton to do already.

One day I will be brave enough to say this to someone. That day will be as soon as I get the chance to, because I had this sudden transformation into bitch mode.

This is all true (35 photos)

Like coming to my house and reprimanding me and then expecting me to tolerate that. Nope not going to happen

I'm sorry dear, In order for you to insult me, I must first value your opinion. Nice try though.