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  • K. Keller

    SO true! Reminds me of my favorite quote "Do what you can, where you are, with what you have". Which includes the Obama's!

  • Allie Karagozian

    So true. Must remember this.

  • Chrissy Pike

    Live within your means people!!!! Proud to be DEBT FREE! :)

  • Jennifer Hodson

    I wish I had read this quote before getting a credit card. How to end a recession.

  • Jennifer Knepper

    So true! Everyone needs Dave Ramsey!

  • Ady

    So thankful I am debt free! Not one student loan, or credit card. If I want it, I work for it. ♥ Love my parents for instilling this in me.

  • Courtney R.

    super wise words. reminder to learn how to spend and have less. #daveramsey

  • Deandra Petkus

    So true!!! Story about a lot of people I know!

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