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Espalier it’s a system of growing dwarf fruit trees on espaliers where they are grown in an intensive way and can be easily covered by netting when needed. It’s not an original system, in fact, in Europe because shortage of suitable land and it’s high cost many, or most orchards are now being grown in this manner.

Espalier - Gaasbeek, Belgium. I so wish I could do this, but I don't have the room outside. I would have lots of fruit espalier, olives, everything.

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Espalier popular designs thinkingoutsidetheboxwood.com

Espalier fruit trees - how to grow lots of fruit in a small space

chart of espalier shapes

Wire Espalier lemon tree. Loving this walkway

How to Espalier: Instructions from BHG -- Espalier, the art of training a tree or shrub against a wall, is one way to enhance a courtyard wall or other exterior surface.

espalier pears with Amanda Brooks

Someday I hope to espalier an apple or cherry tree in my backyard.

Gala apple tree sporting 40+ beautiful apples in only its 2nd year! Planted along with a fuji - both semi-dwarf. •••••• https://igardendaily.com #espalier #EspalierFruitTrees

training camellias up a wall is such a fantastic idea! the leaves stay green and waxy in the winter (unlike ivy)

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espalier...Training/trimming trees to grow across flat surfaces.....garden walls, fences, garage...etc. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Espalier

Espaliered apple tree at RHS Rosemoor in Devon. So many of these back in France.

Corokia Balls & strappy Chilean iris, Livertia formosa; centred on a Chinese Star Jasmine espalier by HEDGE Garden Design & Nursery

How to make a wire espalier for a garden wall | Tighten with a turnbuckle | Sunset.com

Espaliered dogwood

Espalier fruit trees - how to grow lots of fruit in a small space