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Still puzzled at why I'm into this whole espalier tree thing, but I'm going with it. Love the wall.

Espaliered trees, Erddig by Kiwi Betsy, via Flickr

Espalier - awesome design and functional - just got an idea for the fruit trees I have no room for :)

Espalier apple tree. I totally need someone to come do this to my house.

walled espalier. I think someday I'd like to plant some trees to create a living fence.

Traditionally espalier was exclusive to fruit trees, but now a variety of trees are being trained to branch horizontally, offering new design possibilities, particularly in small spaces. Plant crabapples inches from an exterior wall to soften a space and add spring color

espalier framework | ... of the different styles of espalier. I would love to frame these

Ginkgo biloba, also known as maidenhair trees, are an ancient and hardy tree species that has been in existence for several hundred million years. It's easy to train and produces delicious, nutritious nuts. Unfortunately the fruit itself reeks of an extremely unpleasant and pervasive scent due to its high level of butyric acid, the same chemical found in rancid butter. Suitable for espalier. Zone 4-9

Espaliering Fruit Trees creates a beautiful garden screen to enclose an outdoor room or shield neighbors' prying eyes.

"Pear tree espalier in a garden by Howard Design Studio."- would love this, or something edible growing up the side of my house.

ginkgo espalier by Chris Heiler, via Flickr