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How do you look in your bathing suit? Actually an add to gain weight and have some curves.... Obviously vintage ad... Lol

ca. 1918.

Airline Hairline.

nice and soft...

Vintage Advertisement



I'm scared...

41 Mind-Blowingly Racist Vintage Ads You Need To See | Thought Catalog

@Rebecca Elliott For your "Vintage Ads" board (my fave). This is an ad for a weight loss product known as... that's right... sanitized tape worms. I'm so glad they're sanitized.

Old ads that would be banned today | BusinessBlogs Hub

"Gum massage."

10 Old Ads That Would Be Banned Today

Nothing spices things up like rice!

Funny Fashions of Flight Attendants

Philips in-car record player

Piccsy :: Vintage Weight Gain Ads - Skinny Girls Don't Have Oomph!

Vintage ads encouraging weight gain. I spent my entire youthtrying to gain weight. I have figured out unfortunately, that you have no say where it goes.

It's a man's world

Atom Bomber children's toy

Grove's tasteless chill tonic

Insane Vintage Ads.... BLATZ BEER: "How Mother and Baby "Picked Up"........."A case of BLATZ BEER in your home means much to the young mother, AND OBVIOUSLY BABY PARTICIPATES IN ITS BENEFITS!"