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Awesome epicness!!!!!

Ship-cloud, which belongs to the dark entities radiate intense low-frequency fields !What is the darker energy, it is sinister cloud and stronger storms, that gushes.

It's an OCEAN SKY with OCEAN CLOUDS. Stop taking shit for granted and look around outside, damn.

just another reason to want to be a mermaid damn

Beautiful light #clouds

Clouds / moody / color inspiration / black and white / monochromatic / texture / pattern / nature / art /

crazy and amazing

Spectacular pictures of tornadoes and lightnings. Spectacular pictures of tornadoes and lightnings.

This stunning photograph taken by a helicopter pilot showed what looked like a tsunami poised to crash over the Florida coastline. But it was in fact just waves of clouds tumbling over buildings.

Thick fog creates a 'tsunami' of wave clouds on a beach in Florida, US. The phenomenon was snapped by pilot JR Hott, from Panhandle Helicopters, as he flew over a fog-swamped beach in Florida on Sunday February The fog wave engulfed an entire row of ta

Microburst - very commonly mistaken for a tornado due to the similar sudden wind and damage left behind.

One time on a sailing trip in the Bahamas: Our boat was hit by a micro burst from the sky. The wind went from 20 knots to 70 knots in 6 seconds. by