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I'd totally get a puppy, except I like sleeping through the night and not cleaning more poop out of the carpet than I need to.

am I the only one who had a childhood obsession with koala's...and then learned that they bite and are not suitable as pets...only to be overcome with instant sadness and scratch them off your "next pet to get" list? No? Just me?

A professional sleeper takes napping to a new level!

I like to match whatever I am sleeping cute.

This could be my Willy. So sweetly sleeping ♥ - I had a dachsund named Willy growing up!!! this is adorable!!!!

I can't help it! they are so cute!

aplacetolovedogs: Sleeping is for the birds er I mean ducks

Anyone else see the episode of New Girl with the puppy in the cup? I laughed so hard!