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  • Heidi Reitz

    Very cute idea to do in the fall So I was in the mood to make some kind of fall treat for a group of our friends. Where we live there are a couple of wild apple trees so I thought maybe mini caramel apples would be fun. No one can ever finishes a whole caramel apple anyway. I didn't have any sticks to put in the apples so when my husband was picking the apples I picked up a couple of apple branches from the ground and cut them into small sticks. I soaked and scrubbed the sticks to make sure they would be clean enough to use. I also cut the ends at an angle to make them sharp. Then in between naps and poopy diapers I managed to stick the apples, make the caramel and dip them. My favorite thing was that a lot of the apples still had there leaves on them.

  • Camille Camille

    fall party food ... Cute idea

  • Scum Soaps

    Classy, Rustic Caramel Apples #caramelapple #autumn #fall #rusti #dessert #apple #caramel #aclassyautumn #scumsoaps

  • Crystal Spencer

    FOOD love these twig mini caramel apples fall treats -(rustic candy apples)

  • Mary Eliza Hendricks

    Love this as a favor idea... So yummy and so natural but beautiful! You can add different toppings too...OR you could do a caramel apple bar for dessert with apple slices on a stick like for fondue....FUN!

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