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masking tape and some Hot Wheels...

Masking Tape Race Track - The boys would love this. A new track everyday and all you need is masking tape and some Hot Wheels. keep the kids busy forever!


Indoor Family Activities ~ Just Add Masking Tape and you have Hopscotch for rainy day fun, plus other indoor games.

Hot wheels holder/toilet paper rolls glued on wall

Cool Hot Wheels or Matchbox car collection holder! diameter pvc pipe dyed blue and glued together with pvc solvent. cut back of pipes at a slight angle so the cars don't roll out. Glue them t (Cool Cars Things)

Put child's name with masking tape on a canvas. Allow them to paint (or fingerpaint) the entire canvas. Dry. Take off tape.

Use tape on an art canvas and have kids finger paint; once paint dries remove tape.

Geared Wheel Light Switch $20

Geared Wheel Light Switch Plate Cover

Pre-Assembled (Not a kit) These whimsical sets of gears translate a rotary action into a vertical motion. Real brass screws and washers speak of the quality of this quality piece from. This is the onl (Woodworking Cnc)

Hot wheels bedroom

Do the road with magnetic paint and add magnets to the cars. Such a cute idea for a little boy's bedroom or play room!