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Black Cats


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owl snuggling kitten

Jared Joslin-Cockatoo

goggly eyes on the back of your cat.


Shiba dog Shiba inu

shiba inus in a shiba inu blanket.

Sleeping beauty

pug delivers pizza

2. @thebabyanimals | 16 Baby Animal Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow ASAP

Awww!!! so cute cat cat duck

#puppy #cute #dog #nice #pet #animal #happy #beautiful #putdownyourphone

derp derp derp derp

In Japan krijg je een bonus als je jouw kat meeneemt naar het werk


Researchers at Hiroshima University have concluded that looking at pictures of baby animals improves productivity.

inprnt: "Sausages" by Basil on INPRNT

cori on Twitter: "boop";

white bunny rabbits

Mum's taxi: One of the babies appears to go into its shell after being given a front row seat for the parental journey

Growing fast: The baby African spurred tortoises could grow to up to 80 or 90kg as adults

Get moving: The mother tortoise prepares to start her journey with the four-day old youngsters on her shell

Free ride: One of the 5.5cm babies is placed on its mother's head in preparation for a quick lift

あたたかい春の日に / iwakura shiori

Kitty cat with the soul of a lion