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Looks like I won't be watching reality shows (not too difficult since I don't watch them anyways :] )

I think two hanging beds in the loft would be really useful. I would think of a way ot have them on hinges, so that they can be up against the sloped ceiling when not in use.

I want a round bed!! but where in the heck do you find sheets?

Omg. My perfect dream... camping this summer... would love to have a gorgeous man to join me one day...

Clearly, I need a boat bed in my life.

It's a duplex book nook. And you can sleep there. It's also got a faux balcony which might or might not come in handy for live readings from 'Romeo and Juliet'// Found by @RandomMagicTour - Sasha Soren

Creative Candles - Christop Van Bommel: A single flame lights additional ones.