Lift It: Swaying all three muscles in the glutes

Yoga ball for my upper and lower lower body and core! Must try!

Excellent core muscle set

The Best Core Exercises For Runners


Work your legs to rock your leggings.

Hips and Thighs Workout

The one week waistline: 7 days to a tighter tummy - three easy steps!

Yoga is a great for the hands and feet. A low impact activity that helps you stay active and limber.

Legs and booty burn - kettle bell routine

The Best Kettle Bell Workout Ever {tones every muscle in your body}

Legs and butt

This butt-workout will lift and tone your backside. And it's only 10-minutes!

The mere thought of sneaking out for a lunchtime yoga class may be laughable, especially now that we're all asked to do more and more on the job. But that doesn't mean you have to stay stagnant for hours. There are effective moves you can do right at your desk, ones that will help you get a mental breather and make sure your neck, back, arms, hips and wrists remain in good working order. |

body sculpting HIIT workout

Body weight workout