Ryan Gosling Acts Out "Hey Girl" Meme

by Colleen Barrett
Ryan Gosling's "Hey Girl" meme is way more flattering than Sad Keanu. It shows pictures of him in films, on set, and in the street with creepy, sweet nothings written on them, like "Hey girl, do you like my Canadian tuxedo?" while
  • Emilie Wiener

    Ryan Gosling -one of my fave young actors

  • Cynthia Peters

    Hey Girl Ryan Gosling House in the Woods

  • Kaite Pfiffner

    oh seating charts!

  • Michelle Sharkey

    Hey, girl. #RyanGosling

  • Erin Welch

    Hey Girl... 45 Things You Never Knew About Ryan Gosling.... @bmheat07 he's a bit Franco-ish, no? Super random! The Notebook may have destroyed me, but the video of him dancing took all the sad away.

  • Bonnie Gail

    A Collection of the Best Ryan Gosling Running Memes #16: Hey girl, watching you convert miles to kilometres is so sexy.

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