• Yaneida Olivares

    :) / funny stuff!

  • Ronnie Turner

    This is actually a true story where an elephant and dog were best friends and became inseparable. The dog required surgery and had quite an extensive stay at the clinic. Everyday the elephant stood by the fence waiting. The vets and staff would carry the dog outside to the elephant so they could spend time together. Not that long ago the dog passed away. I have not heard anything about how the elephant is doing as they bond for life. There are videos about this on Youtube <3 <3 <3

  • Mieko2

    Tarra and Bella - real life friends at the Elephant Sanctuary.

  • Natasha Nelson

    Damnit moon moon

  • Hilde Van den Abbeele

    Funny Animal Pictures - He followed me home. Can I keep him? interspecies friendship dog & elephant

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