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  • Jessica Mahoney

    Wavy hair tutorial with straightener How To: 1. Separate your hair into workable layers 2. Take the first piece of hair and place it in the flat iron 3. Pull straightener towards you, giving it a half-turn and glide it down until you reach the end of your hair, then release. (Hold the straightener horizontally to get more of beachy wave, vertically to get curls.) 4. Finish the layer of hair you have down, then let the next layer you want to work with down from the clips and work through the rest of your hair. 5. When finished curling all of your hair, take a small amount of product ( I use Moroccan Oil but you can use any product of your choice that is not sticky) and work it through your hair. I prefer not using hairspray, but if you want your hair to set for a long day or night out, you can spray through a bit of hairspray too (again, I use Moroccan Oil Hairspray) 6. And you're done!

  • Tara Burd

    Never knew hold horizontal for beach waves .....Wavy Hair Tutorial, with a flat iron

  • KC Dahlgren

    Wavy Hair Tutorial, with a flat iron For when my hair finally grows out! Love wavy beach hair....

  • Jessie Fultz Photography

    Wavy Hair Tutorial, with a flat iron ....long hair where are you???

  • Danielle Frye

    new favorite hair style. flat iron waves.

  • Katerina Lowery

    Wavy Hair Tutorial, with a flat iron - will my hair do this?!

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wavy hair with a flat iron. good tutorial with lots of pictures.

wavy hair tutorial - since I can't get the no heat options to work for me. I think this will still work and look really cute even after I cut off my hair!

Flat Iron Curls I'v been doing this to my hair lately. Takes some getting used to curling with the flat iron, but i love the results!

This site is a complete tutorial on how to use a flat iron to make beachy waves and curls. It also has lots of pictures. So trying this...

I honestly had the hardest time on deciding if this should go in my hair board or my makeup board because honestly i'm in love with both. p.s. - I put it in both :)

Wavy hair tutorial. This technique works amazingly, you have to try it! Things to remember: 1. Always curl the hair away from your face 2. Wrap the hair around the curling iron {see in the last picture how to hold your arms and the curling iron} 3. Hold for about 5-8 seconds 4. Don’t use hairspray until the end.

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