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#919 黑鵯榕配 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! I don't know the species, but the photo is outstanding.

Bar-winged Prinia (Prinia familiaris) (photo credit:

Please make the ethical choice not to use animals or any of their byproducts. No matter how well they are treated, they are not "ours" to hunt, slaughter, eat, wear, exploit, enslave, etc. PLEASE GO VEGAN! With so many alternatives available, it has never been easier.

for the birds Got a bundt pan? Ok, fill it will cranberries, bird seed, nuts add water and freeze. Hang with a strong string and watch the birdies and squirrels enjoy a meal.

Waxwing Читайте наш блог и богатейте!!!

Beautiful Red Robin by enzo cornaglia Jan, 2012

cardinal in snow, love seeing them outside my window! They are so beautiful, just like all God's creation!