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Iron man necklace Heart Arc reactor locket by ThreeTwelveTrinkets, $18.00

Okay now this is freaking terrifying. The Doctor vs. an army of Iron Man cybermen?! Where do I pin this???? Iron Man or Dr Who?????

How they imbedded the arc reactor in Tony's chest. I LOVE that they did this with latex instead of CGI. So cool!

Tony Stark chilling in his lab: "Whatcha doing?" "I dunno...Iron Man stuff." ~Lenore~

RDJ = Tony Stark - Iron Man + Loud(er) suits. | 17 Actors Who Are Basically Their Characters IRL

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The Avengers..according to Tony Stark

Cannot unsee: Pepper Potts with Tony Stark's face

Iron Man 3 extended look. I had tears rolling down my face I was laughing so hard. I found the faces he was making to be a little bit too funny lol