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Blue Dusk, California photo via applesparklies.. Breath taking .. Sigh

Was it not for our innate desire to have hope could we even begin to think of facing any tomorrow.

Those that desire one world rule want us unable to function properly. But you can overcome these things by minimizing gmos, chemicals, toxins, and other stressors on the body. It will greatly enhance your energy and you will be able to accomplish things which you would otherwise be unable or prevented from doing.

Soul absorbed. Left hollow on the forest floor. Her long forgotten promise remembered by The Tree.

I love this | Black and white | Kiss her | Couples and engagements photography | Pose idea

trees, Chadegan, Isfahan, Iran (My parents walked this very road; it is the exact place where they first met) (ITS AMAZING!)

Sortof really excited for this year to be my first white christmas (if the weather cooperates!) ♥

Oh, how I do love larches...a deciduous evergreen that turns bright gold and looses it needles in the fall!

I want this picture up in my room, so whenever I look at it all my stress will roll away.

Good gosh... if this isn't perfection I don't know what is | boise idaho baby photographer Laura Farris

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