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Weatherchart have kids draw each type of weather and go over one at a time.  Would be great for disasters and safety too!

Weatherchart have kids draw each type of weather and go over one at a time. This would be a good launching point in science for the students to understand the basic weather patterns.

Word problems made easy by including blank spaces so you can differentiate the numbers.  The word problems are sorted by problem type so you can focus students on one problem type at at time.  Perfect for K-2 classrooms.  | Story Problems | Story Math | Teaching Math | Math Education | Scaffolded Learning | Teaching Addition | Teaching Subtraction | Elementary School | Beginner Word Problems #wordproblems

How to Teach Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

Easily Differentiate Word Problems by problem type and using different numbers in each problem throughout the year. Use small numbers for Kinder, medium numbers for first grade and larger numbers for second grade. Great for interactiv

How Clouds Form Worksheet-- could be helpful during the water cycle unit (with modifications)

How Clouds Form

First Grade Fabulosity

This packet of printables includes Weather bar graph, Temperature line graph, Hot or cold experiment recording sheet, Cloud activity recording sheet used for weather. This will help students keep things organized

Lots of activities and experiments about clouds and precipitation.  Includes making a rain gauge and a cloud in a bottle.

Clouds and Precipitation Lesson

Cloud Mural showing the major types of clouds and what sort of precipitation they bring. Great ideas for weather unit.