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This is pretty but last time I had colored hair with blonde hair I ended up with a hot mess after one wash. And my mom had to pay a stylist $70 to fix it.

from Glamour

You're Putting On Glitter Nail Polish All Wrong

My name is Gabbe. I am seventeen. Those who first meet me call me an angel, but there's more to me that meets the eye. Let's just say this "angel" has some devil horns. I can control the elements, electricity and I can teleport too. Don't mess with me- I have a short temper. I currently work alone- but hey, every villain needs her side kick. Any volunteers?


60 Spectacular Side-Swept Hairstyles for Women With Style

How to color hair pastel pink with L'Oreal Paris Feria Smokey Pastels. Watch Brianna Joy's how-to video for helpful tips and steps on dyeing hair light pink at home.