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    • Sara Teal

      10 rules for a happy marriage - such good advice

    • Stefanie Danielson

      Rules for a happy marriage. Truely inspired reading this.

    • Catherine Marvel

      10 Rules for a Happy Marriage. The only one I might change is #7 - sometimes just going to sleep is a better idea then trying to hash everything out before bed, then you can start fresh in the morning.

    • Chanda Hornback

      10 Rules for a Happy Marriage. This is so true but helps in any relationship, not just marriages.

    • Rachel Loomis Hill

      10 rules for a happy marriage or a happy relationship in general

    • Emily Ludwig

      Rules for a happy marriage- I know im not married but this is good advice for the future!

    • Whitney Wines

      10 rules for a happy marriage. Simple and straight to the point. Remember this.

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