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A great tool to make dot to dot pictures by tracing the outline of an uploaded image and print.

This is one of the best online image editors I have used. Really easy to use and will give you great effects. There are lots of tools and they are simple to use. A nice site to use with students of all ages.

A superb, quick tool to create visual tweets and Facebook posts. Just enter the text, then choose from the bank of images or upload your own.

Are you smarter that a virtual cat. Prove it. Click on the dots to block the cat's escape.

A superb cross-curricular site brimming over with downloadable resources. Find reading comprehensions, flashcards, videos, educational songs, colouring pages, teaching tools and much more.

An amazing tool for sharing what's on your screen live over the Internet. Just share a link to see. You can even take control of the remote computer to fix any problems (user has to agree to this).

Boy Mama Teacher Mama Counting Quarters

A superb Windows app which turns your touchscreen PC into a powerful note and sketch pad with a huge range of tools.

Geography mapping tool to see the elevation of the land. Move your cursor across the chart to view where that point is on the map.

Colour in and draw on over twenty different Christmas pictures online. Choose your colours and use the paint tool to fill the section.

This is a great resource for creating trading card to print on any subject. Just choose a topic, upload an optional image, fill in the facts, data of questions you what and print the set.

tracing shapes

A maths symmetry activity where users complete the mirror image by adding in squares.

tally mark & digit dominoes

Lego board game, I totally need to make this! The winner is whoever has the tallest tower at the end of the game.

Mean, median, mode, range

intro for lower levels

Lego math games from Nurture Store

{Learn how to tell time} Activities + printable

Free Skip Counting Puzzles from 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Check out these next dollar up task cards for teaching functional money skills. Great for special education and autism middle and high school as well as younger learners with functional curriculum needs. $3