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A superb, quick tool to create visual tweets and Facebook posts. Just enter the text, then choose from the bank of images or upload your own.

Are you smarter that a virtual cat. Prove it. Click on the dots to block the cat's escape.

A clever maths resource for interactive whiteboards with lots of tools such as a protractor, stopwatch and lots of scenes to add as a background.

An amazing tool for sharing what's on your screen live over the Internet. Just share a link to see. You can even take control of the remote computer to fix any problems (user has to agree to this).

Boy Mama Teacher Mama Counting Quarters

Colour in and draw on over twenty different Christmas pictures online. Choose your colours and use the paint tool to fill the section.

This is a great resource for creating trading card to print on any subject. Just choose a topic, upload an optional image, fill in the facts, data of questions you what and print the set.

PreK Numbers, Shapes, Colors Review (lots of different activities and links to printables). (Pictured are Shape Tracers. You can use this a few different ways! This download includes 10 shape tracing cards. Laminate and use with dry-erase to trace the shape/word. Cut out shapes for scissor practice. Color or trace with crayon/markers/paint. Place stickers along the edges of each shape.)

A great online publishing site. Upload pdf files and read them online like a professional magazine. Uploading is a little fiddly the first time you do it, but it will be worth it.

Edit PDF documents with this great site. Just upload or link to an online PDF, add text, free hand writing/drawing and images, then download. Great for adding additional instruction or hand in dates to the PDFs you find online. No sign up require to use most features.

A maths symmetry activity where users complete the mirror image by adding in squares.

Logo is a classic control and programming programme that every Primary teacher should use with a class at least once in their career just for the geekiness of it. Yes, Logo can make pretty patterns, but you can also import images as a background. A simple one page tips sheet for children (and adults) I made can be downloaded at ictmagic.wikispac...