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SPA DAY - Mom's Day : At Home Spa Treatment . Very simple Idea to make yourself relaxing bath, skin moisturizer, facial scrub, etc.

O uso surpreendente da água espumante como tratamento de beleza Acreditem ou não, lavar o rosto com água gaseificada ou espumante é um dos métodos mais fáceis ainda mais benéficos de obter uma pele brilhante incandescente. A limpeza com água carbonatada foi feita primeiramente popular em Japão e é agora um método geralmente usado em Coreia e em Europa. À medida que as bolhas de dióxido de carbono efervescem em sua pele, elas agem como micro-escovas que limpam profundamente os poros

I wonder if this works. Washing your face with carbonated or sparkling water is one of the most beneficial methods of getting a clear glowing skin in a very short time.

Homemade lip gloss that doesn't use Vaseline or a double boiler

Homemade Natural Lip Gloss

Homemade lip gloss that doesn't use Vaseline or a double boiler. 1 teaspoon paraffin wax 4 teaspoons coconut oil 4 teaspoons petroleum jelly 4 white or pink (or whatever color you like) candy melts teaspoon oil-based candy flavoring

5 easy DIY hair mask recipes

5 DIY Hair Masks You Can Make at Home

5 simple DIY hair mask recipes with three or less ingredients. 5 simple DIY hair mask recipes with three or less ingredients.

Here is a simple face mask recipe you can do at home for glowing clear skin.

DIY Tumeric Face Mask Recipe

Turmeric Face Mask Recipe for Glowing Skin, Acne, Rosacea, Eczema and Dark Circles - 15 Ultimate Clear Skin Tips, Tricks and DIYs

12 Beauty Benefits of Honey diy honey easy diy remedies home remedies acne remedies beauty remedy skin treatment hair treatments

12 Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Honey Honey for acne, hair, wrinkles, scars, dark circles

Evening primrose oil benefits..Great for skin and hair and just great overall for women. ♡Nneka

Homemade italian cream sodas

Every woman should be taking --> Evening Primrose Oil. Will see major improvement in skin tightening and preventing wrinkles. Helps with hormonal acne, PMS, weight control, chronic headaches, menopause ect.

I like this What Does Your Pores and skin Say About You? - Magnificence Bets

I’ve always known that the skin is the window into our bodies and the health of our organs. But connecting the dots isn’t always easy, seeing as how I prefer to believe my insides are made of spun silk (weak stomach). This visual cheat couldn’t …

How to get reduce stretch marks

How to naturally remove stretch marks. cocoa butter, almond oil and wheat germ oil. You can use Palmers Cocoa Butter lotion or All Natural cocoa butter.