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“If you see closely Darcy costumes in the course of the film change quite radically. In the early scenes he´s wearing a very buttoned up, very rigid, very stiff style of costume. In the middle stage, he´s wearing the same style but in a softer fabric and a softer cut and, by the end of the film, he´s wearing a much looser cut, an open jacket, a more country style, less uptight, less rigid. His costumes reflect the other changes in his character”. (Jacqeline Durrant, costume designer)

“He´s very buttoned up, he´s very prideful and haughty and, although some would say arrogant, I would say misunderstood”. (Matthew Macfadyen on Mr. Darcy)

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“They´re embarrassed of each other there, and she turns to look at him. And this is the last time they look at each other in the film as their former selves. And she can´t keep her eyes off him.” (Joe Wright, Director)

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“So what’s Keira Knightley like to work with?: She is absolutely delightful, very down-to-earth and totally un-starry. And she was always very interested in her costumes, as all good actresses are. She would often discuss the moods and emotions that were building up in her character and relate the dresses to various scenes. Every dress had a lot of meaning to her performance.” So what did Keira keep?: No gowns, thank you very much. Durran says the ever-practical actress only hung on to a…