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PADAGOGY 201 It’s a Bloomin’ Better Way to Teach: This seminar gives ideas of the latest use of the Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy and how the iPad can serve the pedagogy. It has reference to 62 apps with 18 video based tutorials.

Apps for education. Site breaks down by categories including special ed, autism, blooms, multiple intelligences, pre-school, themes, etc!

The Teachable Momentsfrom The Teachable Moments

Blooms or DoK???

Verbs from Bloom's Taxonomy, for lesson planning

To review later: Compiled by Donna Sears and Linda Stewart, this is an UNBELIEVABLY comprehensive list of strategies that can be used throughout lessons, beginning, middle and end. These strategies are meant to keep students interested, engaged and learning.

An Ethical Islandfrom An Ethical Island

Bloom’s revised Taxonomy with verbs!

Blooms taxonomy