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Take her last name


Lesbian pride gay marriage. Must have a photo wrapped in a rainbow flag <3

Bora Bora OMG..... I just died!!

I'm putting this on my bucket list because I want to do this one day when I get married

This is the blurb from our page: Glen Ewin are thrilled to announce a new venture with some of Adelaide’s highly respected LGBT friendly Wedding suppliers who will help you create your dream ceremony with love and respect.. Every celebration of love deserves the same excellent service and attention to detail and we at Glen Ewin have put together some great packages to help you plan your perfect celebration.

Me and Amanda panda, soon, minus the lace!!

I want to give you feelings that satisfy you so you never search for or need anyone else but me!! I love you!!

Your passion = Your Success

I would always be fighting the guys for her attention, I was always trying to make her laugh, and I did I made her laugh more than the others did. I made her my top priority everyday and well. I'm the one who won her heart, and with me it shall stay, until I am old and fragile, until my hair turns a beautiful grey. Till the day I am dead and gone, for I know the memories will live on <3

When you know, you just know!

Link and Zelda - a love story.

Paperback Heart.

Oh no!!! No one tell my husband!! He's been threatening to do this instead of an RV or travel trailer! LOL!!

awwww <3

find someone...


Don't chase someone who won't chase after you. Don't give to someone who doesn't appreciate you. Don't love someone whose not going to love you. And NEVER push a loyal person to the point they no longer care. It takes work to get a person to that point and once there ... It's hard to repair the damage

This is why you marry your best friend :)