Amazing Apple and Android app which allows you to take a poll from your class instantly using the camera on your device. Your students simply hold up the symbol for the multiple choice answer they wish to give. The app logs how many answered each choice, but also who chose which answer - Making assessment and feedback easy. Apple download: Android download:

Do you use Plickers? It's an amazing (and free) online assessment tool, but up until now, you've had to type in the questions and answers manually. Read the tips in this post and download a free step-by-step tutorial that explains how to make Plickers easy by using task cards for assessment questions. Your kids will LOVE Plickers!

Plickers is SO MUCH MORE than an assessment tool! Read this post to learn some amazing new ways to use Plickers!

Pythagorean Theorem Practice with Answer Key

Yesterday I showed how to create a form for primary students using Google forms. It is so easy to add pictures, video, page breaks, etc. to make quizzes and tests easy to navigate and understand, especially for little ones. But what good is all of this technology if it cant grade the quiz, right? Well there is an easy way to gather all kinds of data to help with assessment needs. The answer is called Flubaroo.

Plickers! I'm really excited to try this out. Quick informal assessment in the classroom using qr codes. Students hold up their qr code, teacher does a quick panorama with the plicker app and all the assessment data is on the app and the website!!

You are going to LOVE Plickers - will totally change the way you assess in a group and it is so easy to use!

Plickers - formative assessment for the one iPad classroom... students just need a paper card.

Project Based Assessment Packet for ANY novel- detailed enough to be an out of class assignment

Apple, Android & web app to provide instant feedback in class and during presentations. Audience log in to your room via a code. Set multiple choice, True or false questions and users can even submit drawings and photos. Apple: Android:

Download this document to see how you can use the website with your students. It includes a student log so they can track their progre...

Easy-to-use checklists for fast formative assessment!

More fun with Google...another Google Assessment trick! Check out another fun and easy way to use Google forms in math class! Don't let the math in the photo fool you! Read the post to see why!

This Apple and Android app allows users to broadcast live video over the web. Perfect for CPD events, or sports days and the Christmas nativity plays for parents who can't attend. Apple App: Android App:

Great for review!! math assessments for common core math standards- includes one page assessment for each standard, printable standards pages, and tracking pages- use for quick assessments, proof of master, student portfolios, test prep, differentiation, RTI, etc. $

This Exit Slip is a quick and easy way to assess students' understanding of any lesson! Just give students the topic to fill in at the top and the...

It's the Pythagorean Pizazz Bundle! Assessments, differentiated practice, enrichment, and more! Pythagorean Theorem and its Converse. Common Core 8.G.6 and 8.G.7. Check it out at the TpT store, Piece of Pi.

Formative Assessment Exit Slips - NOW FULLY EDITABLE! Use these 20 Exit Slips to assess understanding or reading comprehension in any class. ($)

15 hands-on formative assessments for any novel! Engage your students while assessing their knowledge at the same time!

Solving Exponential and Logarithmic Equations Sum 'Em Activity - My kids love this activity and stay engaged the whole class period!

Formative assessment is assessment designed to help improve student’s performance. Formative assessment usually involves giving students constructive feedback and is given throughout the learning process unlike summative assessment which is given to assess a student’s performance at the end of their learning.