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tutu..just get like a 1 elastic strip...measure her wasit, take of 2 of the elastic and sew. Fold fabric in half and tie a slip knot, alternating colors...and making sure the knots are all going the same way!! EASY!! For further instruction look for a tutorial on how to make a tutu. Hobby Lobby has strips of fabric already cut with about 10 corodianting fabrics, sold in a bunch.

My future daughter rockin the boots and high #baby boy #baby girl #Cute Baby|

I feel like this was so me as a little girl...maybe minus the pink tutu...some days I feel like I'm still this little girl inside.

For when i have a little girl! Easy to make too! Shoes+ rhinestones+glue. Funky laces or Ribbon. 2 funky hair bows. Easy to change up.