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White Vanilla Marigolds

Marigold, Chameleon

Marigold, Fireball

Marigold, Scarlet Starlet

The Star of Bethlehem is a great plant for a white garden.

Image of Cappucino Rudbeckia

white cleome -

Guess what swallowtailgarden... has? White marigold seeds! What? I didn't just order them? You bet your bunky I did...among other seeds, too!

white snapdragons -

white annuals in the garden

white heliotrope -

Heuchera - mix with white annuals for a white echo in foliage

White Marigolds ~have never seen these before!

white hypoestes -

white hypoestes -

white pelargonium -

white cuphea -

moonflower vines..blooms at night........creates a magical white spotlight in your garden.........LOVE.........

White Marigolds

white lantana - Google Search

White Bleeding Heart - never knew they existed, other than red ones. Gorgeous!